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People Claim Hypnosis Solves Physical and Mental Issues

They say hypnosis really works, well, the folks who have tried it and succeeded anyway.  The following is an interesting story of one such fella who managed to use hypnosis to cure his social anxiety as told by Big Think Publication:

There’s no story from the past, there’s no fear of the future, and it’s a magical thing when we can create that in conversation. And one of the easiest ways to do that is something called the metamorphic two-step. And the metamorphic two-step is actually a hypnosis technique that will help you to identify how you want to feel in social situations. So I learned this from my friend Andrew who is a hypnotherapist here in New York City, he works with a lot of the Fortune 500 brands, the quickest growing startups. And basically what he talks about with some of these leaders is he helps them to identify where they have anxiety in their leadership roles and helps them to overcome that and really achieve peak performance. And so when I first met him, I said, “Okay so how would you use hypnosis to alleviate something like a social anxiety?” And so what he would tell me is he’d say, “Okay, so what I want you to do is think about a social situation where you might have some anxiety.” And I would say, “Okay I’m going into a big tech conference with a bunch of really influential people and I might be nervous.”

According to the Daily Mail, there’s a hypnosis program to lose weight called Fatnosis that apparently has worked wonders for the obese:

‘I’m so pleased I did things the proper way, with no diet powders and magic pills – just hard work and consistent healthy eating and exercise.

anxiety and stress

‘If I could go back now to my fat days I wouldn’t take a magic pill, I’ve enjoyed the journey and it reminds me of who I was and who I am today.

‘My goal one day would be to inspire others and help them with their weight loss, and having gone through that journey I will be able to understand and help them.’

Weight loss expert Steve Miller created the Fatnosis programme. He said: ‘I’m so proud of Laura. She’s embraced Fatnosis and the tough love we dish out has worked so well for her.

‘The obesity problem in the UK is a ticking time bomb. All the softly-softly approaches have failed and I’m proving that by telling people how it is, stripping away the lies and being brutally honest, people are shedding those excess pounds.’

You can learn more about hypnosis and how to use it to quit smoking at: